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Frankfurt am Main is located in the south of Hessen, Germany. The shine of steel, glass and concrete is absolutely dazzling. Actually, Frankfurt is quite different from other German cities. Europe’s financial centre, one of the world’s largest stock markets and a major transport hub, demonstrates its privileged position with lavish skyscrapers.

Thanks to the skyscrapers and the Main, Frankfurt earned the nickname Mainhattan. Although the city is associated with really big money, Frankfurt has preserved its traditional charm, especially in the form of old pubs where you can taste traditional apple wine.

There are also a number of museums and parks. During a long weekend in the city, you will appreciate the fact that Frankfurt is not flooded by tourists like other famous German destinations.

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Useful info about Frankfurt

Travel documents to Germany

When travelling to Germany, you only need a valid ID or passport. As a tourist, you can stay here for up to 3 months without registering with the police.

Weather in Frankfurt

The hottest months are July and August with an average temperature of 19°C, which often rises to over 25°C during the day. On the contrary, the coldest month is January with an average temperature of 1°C. The ideal time to visit is from May to September, when the temperature is around 14 to 19°C.

Prices in Frankfurt

The national currency is the euro, so you don't have to exchange money before you go.
Looking for a hotel in Frankfurt? In Westend district, inhabited by financiers and bankers (there are skyscrapers), the accommodation options are definitely among the more expensive ones. Cheaper accommodation can be found near the train station (Bahnhofviertel). But the neighbourhood is not very safe. A rather convenient alternative for accommodation is the Sachsenhausen district, where many bars and restaurants are located. The district is only a 15-20 minute walk across the bridge from the Old Town. Prices can be checked, and accommodation can be booked directly through Pelican.

The fastest way to travel around Frankfurt is the U-Bahn metro. Buses and trams run in the centre. One-ride ticket costs approximately €2.90. If you plan to use public transport more often, you can consider buying a one-day ticket that costs about €7.20. Suburban S-Bahn trains run in the city centre as well as the more distant outskirts of the city.

Driving around the city is relatively uncomplicated, but the lack of parking spaces is rather problematic. If you decide to explore the city on your own, we recommend that you rent a car at the airport. You can book it directly through Pelican.

Tips on what to see in Frankfurt

10 interesting facts about Frankfurt

Frankfurt is Germany’s fifth largest city and the largest city of the federal state Hessen, but not its capital. The capital of Hessen is Wiesbaden.
Frankfurt International Airport is also Lufthansa’s home airport.
Frankfurt has over 700,000 inhabitants.
Frankfurt International Airport is the third largest European passenger airport and also the second largest European freight airport.
Frankfurt was home to the inventor of the printing press, Johann Gutenberg.
Two of Europe’s tallest skyscrapers are located in Frankfurt – Commerzbank (259 metres) and Messeturm (257 metres).
Only 25 kilometres from Frankfurt is Hanau – the birthplace of the Grimm brothers.
The famous German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born in Frankfurt in 1749.
The inhabitants of Frankfurt have a reason to smile. Frankfurt is repeatedly placed in the top ten places with the highest standard of living.
The Frankfurter Buchmesse Frankfurt Book Fair is the world’s largest book fair.