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London or Londinium, as the Romans once called it, is the second most visited destination on the planet. There’s more to this residence of the royal family than just the glamour of the royal court and the characteristic red phone booths. This city with a population of millions, stretching along and across the banks of the River Thames, has a multicultural atmosphere in which different nationalities and races meet and share. You can hear up to 300 different languages here.

Therefore, if we were to choose a single word that would best describe London, it would be ‘diversity’. Each of its 48 diverse districts is unique. The best known districts are: the theatrical West End, the historic City of London, the ancient Westminster, the hipster paradise of Covent Garden and Shoreditch, Kensington of museums, the rebel Camden, the green Hyde Park and the coastal South Bank. There's just always something going on in London.

It is also very popular in the eyes of Slovaks. You can buy cheap flights to London directly from Bratislava, Košice and Poprad. Ryanair with its London home airport in Stansted flies from Bratislava. From Košice and Poprad Tatry Airport, Wizz Air flies to Luton. The flights are direct. The flight duration of Bratislava - London is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. You can also find discount tickets to London from Vienna, Budapest, Brno and Prague.

Last month, the cheapest flight to London cost €25 .

Slovaks most often fly to London by Ryanair, Wizz Air and Laudamotion. Smartwings Travel Service and easyJet also offer bargain tickets with departures outside of Slovakia. Most of our London-bound departures are towards Stansted, Luton and Gatwick. To get to Heathrow Airport, Lufthansa and Swiss International Air Lines fly there from Vienna.

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Useful info about London

Documents you need to travel to the UK

Visas to the UK - Since the UK is still a member of the European Union, you only need a valid ID card or passport to enter the UK.

Weather in London

London is known for its overcast skies and mild weather. The warmest month is July with an average temperature of 19°C. Conversely, the coldest month is January with an average temperature of 5°C. The rainiest month is October with an average precipitation of 71 mm. When is a vacation in London the right choice? The ideal time to visit is spring (March to May), when the temperature reaches an average of 11°C to 15°C and the city is not too crowded. If you go to London over the summer or in December, get ready for crowds and an increase in prices. Regardless of when you go to London, always carry an umbrella as it can rain any time.

Transportation in London

London is divided into 6 zones on which the price of transport is based. Most major sights are located in the first zone. Unfortunately, bus travel is slow because of rush hour traffic. The fastest way to get around is the tube. Since 2016, on the Victoria, Jubilee, Central, Northern and Piccadilly lines, you can use the tube also at weekends and at night.

If you live in other areas, you can get there by a night bus, which can take much longer. To get around by public transport you will need a ticket, either the paper Travelcard or the plastic Oyster card that you can top up. You can also purchase a ticket using a contactless card.

The Oyster card provides a discounted tariff. Although a single tube ride in the first zone costs £4.90, with the Oyster card you pay as little as £2.40. If you plan more trips, the Oyster card can also be topped-up as a one-day ticket at a discounted rate. Taxis in London are an expensive means of transport, although they are comfortable - you can get one anywhere and any time.

London car rentals are expensive as well. If you dare to drive with a steering wheel on the right side of the car, rent a car directly at the airport, you can book one directly through Flipo.

Prices in London

The national currency is the pound sterling, you can exchange it at any airport or exchange office in Slovakia and directly in the UK. London is one of the most expensive European cities. Expect higher prices for accommodation and meals. On the other hand, you will save on sightseeing, as there is generally no charge for visiting museums and churches.

Looking for a hotel in London? The closer to the centre, the higher the price. The most expensive districts are the City of London, Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea, and Southwark, where you can easily pay £200 a night. It is impossible to choose the best district in terms of price and location because of the size of London.

Either way, you'll go everywhere by the tube. If you choose private accommodation, we advise you to check the quality of the accommodation properly in advance. Cold, mouldy apartments are nothing out of the ordinary. London hotels and hostels are mostly of good quality.

Accommodation prices, locations, and user references can be checked and booked on Pelican. If you are planning to stay in London and looking for the most affordable package of a flight and accommodation, you may benefit from checking the current holiday offer right on Pelican. With some luck, you can find a discounted air trip to London.

Current time in London

The prime meridian in Greenwich is the base of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), from which time zones are calculated. Westwards negatively, eastwards positively. Since Slovakia is on the east side, it is one hour ahead of London.

Tips on what to see in London

10 interesting facts about London

The London Underground is one of the oldest and largest underground railroads in the world. Every day, it transports more than four million people.
In the 16th century, a London law forbade wife beating. However, it was in force only after 9 pm and was introduced in order to keep the night’s sleep undisturbed.
Getting a taxi licence in London is extremely challenging. The driver must pass a test called "The Knowledge" to test their knowledge of all the London streets and monuments. Preparation for the exam usually takes 2-4 years.
Karl Marx wrote his Capital at the British Museum, while getting drunk there and asking Friedrich Engels to lend him money.
Up to 800 people can fit into the London Eye, which is comparable to eleven full double-deckers
Harrods sold cocaine until 1916.
London buses were of diverse colours before 1907. They signalled different lines and companies. The famous red colour belonged to LGOC, which later became the leader in bus transport.
All of Madame Tussauds wax figures are 2% larger than the actual human model size, since wax eventually shrinks
You can easily find out whether the Queen is in Buckingham Palace. If she is, you will see the Royal Standard flying.
London's population was estimated at 8.63 million in 2016. However, the entire metropolitan area of London has over 13 million inhabitants.
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